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"In terms of his character and martial arts ability as a competitor and instructor, Roy is one of the best in the business.

He leads with honor and respect as a true martial artist. He inspires everyone around him including me. He is a great asset to our community!"

Dave Camarillo

4th Degree BJJ Black Belt
Judo Black Belt
Head of Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu
One of the Top MMA Coaches in the World


"Roy has contributed immensely to the development of the Modern Army Combatives (MACP) Instructors of the 82nd Airborne Combatives and Advanced Tactics School located on Ft. Bragg, NC.

Because of Roy's ability and passion to instruct, I have seen massive improvements in every aspect of my jiu-jitsu abilities both on and off the mat as well as my own ability to teach students.

Jesse Hertzog

BJJ Black Belt
2014 All Armed Services Combatives Champion
2X All Army Combatives Champion
FightLabMMA Lightweight Champion (10-1)
Level 4 Army Combatives Instructor


"I have had the great pleasure to learn from and train with Roy Marsh and what has always stood out to me about him is his ability to be so skilled and comfortable teaching the most experienced Special Operations Soldier, as well as the enthusiastic little ones in his kids program; and everyone in between.

His outgoing personality, his ability to articulate and teach so well, his skills as a fighter, and his great character as a person, all play a role in making Roy Marsh a great training partner, a great instructor, and of course a great friend."

Jeff Yurk

BJJ Black Belt
Former NCO in Charge of the 82ND Airborne Division Combatives Program

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"Besides being one of the most skilled jiu-jitsu practitioners in the Carolinas, Roy is a passionate instructor with an uncanny ability to simplify seemingly complex techniques and explain the small nuances of seemingly basic ones.

I envy the students who get to train with him on a regular basis. Roy is too humble to brag so I’ll do it for him: Roy is the man!"

D’Juan Owens

BJJ Brown Belt
Professional MMA Fighter
(InkaFC, WCF, EliteVX, VictoriumMMA, FightLab, DrakaMMA)


"Spend five minutes discussing jiu jitsu with Roy Marsh and you will immediately realize that he is a student of the game.

Roy has dedicated his life to understanding the underlying concepts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a way that only a handful of people can appreciate. It is a pleasure to train with him every single time"

Andrew “Goatfury” Smith

3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt
Owner - USGrappling and RevolutionBJJ

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"Roy Marsh is a fantastic instructor who I train with every chance I get. He clearly values self-defense first and teaches jiu jitsu with real-life scenarios in mind.

His instruction is easy to follow because it is very concept-driven, so I don’t get lost in the details. In fact, I am often able to apply concepts that I learn from Roy right away, because they just make sense."

Kim Sarah Rice

Multiple Time World (Mundial) Gold Medalist
Multiple Time Pan-American Gold Medalist
2X Abu Dhabi Pro Trial Gold Medalist