Conceptual Jiu-Jitsu

Conceptual Jiu-Jitsu


Not Just the “Hows” of Jiu-Jitsu, But Also the “Whys”


Unique Highly-Detailed & Conceptual Instruction

Roy is an Instructor’s instructor and is known for his unique approach to understanding and teaching Jiu-Jitsu. He is able to communicate the deeper concepts and mechanics of the Art unlike many teachers who only focus on basic surface instructions in how techniques works.

Because of this, he is sought out for seminars, private lessons, and has been featured on several martial arts podcasts.

Jiu-Jitsu from the Source

Roy is one of the few Black Belts in the World under the Legendary Royce Gracie. Because of this, he learned Jiu-Jitsu the way it was intended and designed: as a complete Self Defense Art.

He also trained extensively with Greg Thompson (Royce’s First Black Belt) who created SOCP - the Hand to Hand Fighting Method of the U.S. Army Special Forces.

An Eternal Student

Roy has been fortunate to learn from some of the top instructors in the world including Rickson, Royler, Rodrigo, and Rolker Gracie as well as Pedro Sauer, Murilo Bustamante, Dave Camarillo, and Marcelo Garcia.



Because Roy learned Jiu-Jitsu as it was originally intended - namely, as a Self-Defense and Fighting Art rather than just a Tournament Sport, he is able to teach and operate across the entire Spectrum of Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu.

He is known for his exceptional technical knowledge and ability to convey that knowledge so he is highly sought out for Seminars and Private lessons.

If you’re interested in hosting a Roy Marsh Seminar, contact him here.


 Watch the Video Here to See What People Who Have Hosted or Been to a Roy Marsh Seminar Are Saying


Full Spectrum Training

Training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu since 2000, Roy Marsh is one of the few Black Belts in the world under the legendary Royce Gracie.

He is known, and highly respected, for his unique insights and understanding of the deeper concepts of Martial Arts and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Roy has also worked closely with U.S. Army Groups on Ft. Bragg and is an Advisor to the 82 Airborne Division Combatives and Advanced Tactics Program, and is Level 2 Certified in Modern Army Combatives.

He has also been a successful competitor and is a multiple IBJJF Gold Medalist (World & Pans)


Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone

From training the Average Person to MMA fighters to Military Personnel, Roy’s background, insight and knowledge allows him to offer instruction unlike many coaches.

As a student of Royce Gracie and Greg Thompson, Roy has always trained with the understanding that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is, first and foremost, a combative, real-world style based on solid fundamentals that anyone can use to protect themselves, regardless of athletic ability, age or size.

Roy has been featured on numerous Martial Arts Podcasts including BJJBrick (twice), Gracie JiuJitsu Rocks, Dave Camarillo’s Position Impossible, and Dirty White Belt.



Roy has released a few Very well-reviewed Jiu-Jitsu Instructionals with more on the way. He also has an active YouTube Channel and another for his school, Gracie Schwarzwald.



Roy will change the Jiu-Jitsu scene not only in Germany but all of Europe
— Joseph Lee: Owner Cosmic Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ Black Belt